Here at Rapidair we use quality carriers to deliver your freight.

Print off this form for anyone receiving the freight at your facility for inspection.


Tubes Packed for Shipment


2 corrugated tubes filled with aluminum pipe
1 small pallet of parts.

RapidAir Pipeline Delivery Parcels


2 corrugated tubes filled with aluminum pipe
1 small box.

RapidAir Delivery Parcels


1 pallet of plastic tubing

1 pallet of fittings

RapidAir Delivery Parts


1 wood skid of pipe

1 pallet of parts


Make sure the number of pieces received match the driver’s copy. Take time and inspect all freight for damage. It is very important these details are checked. If the driver leaves without proper notes on the driver’s copy, we will not be able to dispute with the carrier.


  • If there is something missing (ie: “1 pallet missing” or “1 tube missing”) notate it on driver’s copy. Contact us and we will assist the carrier in finding the lost items and reship if needed.


You may refuse or accept a damaged shipment.

  • If there is damage, write the number of freight pieces damaged and describe the damage to the product (i.e. scuffed or broken fittings, bent tube, crushed piping etc.) beside or near your signature on the driver’s copy.
  • If a pallet looks tampered with or opened, notate it on driver’s copy.
  • On the driver’s copy DO NOT check the box, shrink wrap intact. Do not declare a dollar value.


  • Take photos of the entire damage and close-ups of damaged product and e-mail to us.
  • Save all damaged packaging and product, carriers will inspect later. Packaging/product must be kept up to 180 days.


Blaine Newberry 866-488-7069 x 115 |


Carriers charge extra for additional services. Keep in mind if you require these services after we have received a rate from the carrier and shipped your order, you will be responsible for the extra costs if we receive any additional charges.

Examples of added services

  • Request driver assistance for unloading
  • Driver waits longer than 30 minutes to be unloaded.
  • Calling ahead, or unload appointments
  • No access for a 53 ft. semi
  • Construction sites, schools, utility companies, airports, government secured areas, non-commercial addresses, residential homes
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